All aboard the tax bus

On a trip down to our London office I was speaking to my colleague about the wonders of the London Transport network.  From the flight down, to the train and then the tube everything works together.

Take a minute to consider the careful planning that goes into delivering the service everyday of the week.  It truly is amazing.


However, problems can arise.  It takes only one part to stop working, and suddenly the efficient service that you were enjoying can not only cause severe headaches but also cost you extra and take more time.

What does this have to do with tax?

The point for me is that you may not know you have a problem with your tax affairs until a part stops working.  With Self Assessment the tax authorities have placed the responsibility with you to ensure that your tax return us correct – the first time you are likely to realise you have a problem is when that brown envelope drops through your door.

Whether you complete your own tax return or rely on an adviser if you have made a mistake, you will also have that headache and the extra cost, interest and penalties.

At cleartaxation, we help people.

Perhaps you have had a letter for the tax authority asking questions.  We can help you with our clear tax advice, you don’t need to suffer that headache alone.

Don’t forget, if you have an existing adviser, try our fee challenge – you might find we will save you money.


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