About Us

Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants

We are a team of professional qualified Chartered Tax Advisers who have combined experience of over 80 years advising in all areas of taxation. The majority of our combined career has been spent within the Big 4 accountancy firms advising many of the wealthiest families and most successful companies in the Central Belt of Scotland.

We felt that there was a great opportunity to provide our knowledge and experience to the people and businesses of Edinburgh and, by managing our costs, we can provide this to you at unbeatable prices.


Why are our costs low?

In this modern world, why would we need fancy offices or unnecessary overheads?  We are more than accountants – we are driven to succeed and we know how to position our business.

The historic firms have a tradition, and there is certainly nothing wrong with this, but why should you pay for this?

These traditions come at a price; to us, these are called overheads.  The fees that you are charged recover these overheads.  At cleartaxation, we have minimised our overheads and this means that you only pay for the advice you receive,  not unnecessary business expenses that provide an expensive ego boost.

The world and how we do business has moved on.  We understand and lead by example and will therefore leave it with you to decide who can help  – and that is how we can help you.


What do we do?

HM Revenue & Customs say that tax doesn’t need to be taxing.  We are not sure if we can agree with that, but we believe  tax advice certainly doesn’t need to be expensive.

For us, tax is personal – it is a charge that you suffer either in your business or personally and, at cleartaxation, our service is personal too.

A cleartaxation client is more than a file that gets dusted down twice a year: once to do the work and the second time to issue a fee. We will meet you, either at our offices or over a coffee, to provide you with the best advice and we look to work in partnership with you.